CompTIA Pentest+ (Exam Included)

>CompTIA Pentest+ (Exam Included)

CompTIA Pentest+ (Exam Included)

CompTIA Pentest+ (Exam Included)

Date/Time: 08/08/2023 - 11/08/2023 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


About this course

CompTIA Pentest+ has been designed to help you learn both knowledges and hands-on of penetration testing. This course also includes management skills used to plan, scope, and manage weaknesses, not just only exploit them. Additional, CompTIA Pentest+ certification meets the ISO 17024 standard. Regulators and government rely on ANSI accreditation because it provides confidence and trust in the outputs of an accredited program.

Course Benefits

        The CompTIA Pentest+ course will prepare you to both knowledges and hands-on experience of CompTIA Pentest+ by providing coverage of the objectives and content examples listed on the syllabus, including how to:

  • Plan and scope penetration tests
  • Conduct passive reconnaissance
  • Perform non-technical tests to gather information
  • Conduct active reconnaissance
  • Analyze vulnerabilities
  • Penetrate networks
  • Exploit host-based vulnerabilities
  • Test applications
  • Complete post-exploit tasks
  • Analyze and report penetration test results

Who should attend?

  • Penetration Tester
  • Vulnerability Tester
  • Security Analyst (II)
  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst
  • Network Security Operations
  • Application Security Vulnerability

Course Contents

  • Planning and Scoping
    • Explain the importance of planning for an engagement.
    • Explain key legal concepts.
    • Explain the importance of scoping an engagement properly.
    • Explain the key aspects of compliance-based assessments.
  • Information Gathering and Identification
    • Conduct information gathering using appropriate techniques.
    • Perform a vulnerability scan.
    • Analyze vulnerability scan results.
    • Explain the process of leveraging information to prepare for exploitation.
    • Explain weaknesses related to specialized systems.
    • Hands-on experience performing information gathering.
  • Attacks and Exploits
    • Compare and contrast social engineering attacks.
    • Exploit network-based vulnerabilities.
    • Exploit wireless vulnerabilities.
    • Exploit application-based vulnerabilities.
    • Exploit local host vulnerabilities.
    • Perform post-exploitation techniques.
    • Hands-on experience performing vulnerability assessments.
  • Penetration Testing Tools
    • Use Tools: Scanning Tools, Credential Testing, Password Cracking, OSINT, Social Engineering Tools, Web Proxies, Miscellaneous.
    • Compare and contrast various use cases of tools.
    • Analyze tool output or data related to a penetration test.
    • Hands-on experience performing penetration tests.
  • Reporting and Communication
    • Use report writing and handling best practices.
    • Explain post-report delivery activities.
    • Recommend mitigation strategies for discovered vulnerabilities.
    • Explain the importance of communication during the penetration testing process.

Training Info

Duration:  4 Days
Date: Aug 8 – 11, 2023
Time:  9.30 am. – 16.30 pm.
Venue:  ACinfotec Training Center
16th Fl., Asia Centre Bldg., South Sathorn Rd.
Training Fees: 47,000 Baht (ex.vat7%)
Tel. 02 670 8980-3 ext.304, 305
E-mail.[email protected]

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Cancellation Policy

  • Payment is due upon registration
  • Delegates who cancel after registration, or who don’t attend, are liable to pay the full course fee and no refunds can be given
  • A replacement is always welcome

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