PECB Certified ISO 22301 Lead Implementer (Exam Included)

Date/Time: 06/06/2023 - 12/06/2023 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


About this course

No two disasters in the world cause equal damage. Between the unpredictability of natural disasters, information security breaches, and incidents of different nature, preparedness can make you stand out in the crowd and predict the future of your business. In light of this, proper planning is essential to mitigating risks, avoiding consequences, coping with the negative effects of disasters and incidents, but at the same time, continuing your daily operations so that customer needs do not remain unfulfilled.

Organizations can make progress towards understanding and managing disasters, incidents, and risks by having a BCMS based on ISO 22301 in place. Therefore, PECB has designed this training course to prepare its participants implement a business continuity management system (BCMS) in compliance with the requirements of ISO 22301. Attending this training course allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practices of the business continuity management system and to be able to establish a framework that allows the organization to continue operating efficiently during disruptive events.

After attending the training course, you can sit for the exam and, if you successfully pass the exam, you can apply for the “PECB Certified ISO 22301 Lead Implementer” credential. The internationally recognized “PECB Certified ISO 22301 Lead Implementer” certificate will prove that you have the professional capabilities and practical knowledge to implement a BCMS based on the requirements of ISO 22301 in an organization.

Course Benefits

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a BCMS
  • Learn how to interpret and implement the requirements of ISO 22301 in the specific context of an organization
  • Understand the operation of the business continuity management system and its processes based on ISO 22301
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to support an organization in effectively planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and continually improving a BCMS

Who should Attend?

  • Project managers and consultants involved in business continuity
  • Expert advisors seeking to master the implementation of the business continuity management system
  • Individuals responsible to maintain conformity with BCMS requirements within an organization
  • Members of the BCMS team

Course Contents

Day 1: Introduction to ISO 22301 and initiation of a BCMS

  • Training course objectives and structure
  • Management system standards
  • Fundamental business continuity principles and concepts
  • Business continuity management system
  • Initiation of the BCMS implementation
  • The organization and its context
  • Analysis of the existing system
  • BCMS scope

Day 2: Implementation plan of a BCMS

  • Leadership and commitment
  • Business continuity objectives and planning of changes
  • Business continuity policy
  • Organizational structure
  • Documented information management
  • Competence and awareness
  • Business impact analysis

Day 3: Implementation of a BCMS

  • Risk assessment
  • Business continuity strategies and solutions
  • Business continuity plans and procedures
  • Incident response plan
  • Emergency response plan
  • Crisis management plan
  • Communication

Day 4: BCMS monitoring, continual improvement, and preparation for the certification audit

  • Exercise programs
  • Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation
  • Internal audit h Management review
  • Treatment of non conformity
  • Continual improvement
  • Preparing for the certification audit
  • Certification process and closing of the training course

Day 5: Certification Exam

Training Info

Duration : 5 Days
Date :  Jun 6 – 9 and 12, 2023
Time : 9.30 am. – 16.30 pm.
Language : Thai
Venue : ACinfotec Training Center
Price : 51,500 Baht (Ex.vat 7%)
Contact : Tel 02 670 8980-3 ext.304, 305
E-mail [email protected]

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Cancellation Policy

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  • Delegates who cancel after registration, or who don’t attend, are liable to pay the full course fee and no refunds can be given
  • A replacement is always welcome

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