Business Simulation Game


Why use Apollo 13™?
Many IT organizations are struggling to deliver quality services. Despite the massive investment in training, ITSM improvement initiatives are failing to deliver the hoped for value. The services are too unpredictable, unrepeatable, expensive and pose unacceptable business risks. The IT organization is still not Customer or Service focused. This simulation will help translate ITSM theory into practice, create buy-in and capture concrete improvement actions, helping to realize a customer focused culture and improve service quality.

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Why use Challenge of Egypt?
Between 60 – 80% of projects fail to realize the required results. Despite the enormous amount of PM certificates in PMI or Prince2. This is generally not because of the lack of education or theory, but lack of understanding of how to translate theory into practice, or the lack of the right behaviors within the team. If you want to learn how to translate theory into practice, assess your project behavior and processes, and identify how to improve your project management performance, this simulation can help.



Why use [email protected]™?
70% of the IT departments are unable to demonstrate value to their business. The business and IT relationship is under strain, both parties blaming the other. IT is under increasing pressure to improve. New, disruptive technologies such as Cloud and social media, are emerging rapidly and businesses are demanding more and more IT. How can IT align with the business to ensure investments in emerging technologies deliver value, without negatively impacting existing services and capabilities? How can IT and business improve their relationship and gain a better understanding of each other? This simulation can be played by both business & IT people and can help create a better understanding and a shared commitment for improving business & IT alignment capabilities.

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Why use Oceans99™?
If you want to create awareness in your teams, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your security processes, if you want to train your employees in efficient and effective way combining knowledge and skills.

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