ISO 20000 / ITSM Implementation
and Consultation Services

ACinfotec provides total solutions that can help your organization meet all service management objectives. Our consultation services will help you establish service management processes based on ITIL or even implement the Service Management System (SMS) in accordance with ISO 20000-1:2011 requirements.

Use our Maturity Assessment services to gain in-depth understanding of the strength and weakness of your IT/service operations as well as obtaining pretigious recommendation for improvement.

Wish to implement ITSM tools that can automate or optimize your process? Our ITSM based on best practice-certified, Solutions Engineer team are the best crew who can help implement the ITSM tool of your choice to match with your process.

ISO 20000 is an international standard for IT Service Management (ITSM)

ISO 20000 is focusing on delivering managed IT services effectively and efficiently, which meets business requirements and improves customer satisfaction.

Service Features

ACinfotec helps organization to effectively implement ISO 20000 / ITSM  and improve IT services to satisfy business requirements as well as optimizing the management of IT infrastructure.

Our effective and practical methodology starting from scoping the project and providing initial ISO 20000 / ITSM trainings. We then conduct a comprehensive maturity assessment. Based on the identified gaps or weaknesses, we design and develop ITSM processes as well as implement selected ITSM tools. More in-depth trainings are provided to ensure that clients can perform process operation effectively. When all processes are live!, we assist clients to perform internal assessment to identify additional improvement points. At the end, to ensure successful delivery, we perform ISO 20000 pre-assessment prior to the Certification Audit undertake by Registered Certified Body (RCB).

Why Choose Us

  • Unmatched Expertise: ACinfotec is the dominant GRC market leader with a large variety of clients from all industries.
  • Extensive Experience: ACinfotec has longest experience which is integrated with industry’s best practice for a quicker and more effective ISO 20000 / ITSM implementation.
  • Effective Methodology: Simplified and practical methodology & process to ensure efficient operation.
  • Consultants’ Quality: All our consultants are ISO 20000 / ITSM certified and have many years of direct experiences successfully coaching ITSM implementation.
  • Complete Solutions: Our services include assessment, consultation, implementation and training to enable successful process deployment.

What Client’s Say

Good consultant is the key to your ISO 27001 success. ACinfotec is the best “Coach”. They thoroughly understand our requirements and can provide practical advice starting from simple tasks to more complicated ones, making all works smooth and effective.
Process Control Technology Manager, Thai Oil
ACinfotec’s consultant has an easy way to explain ISO 27001 requirements to us. They always willing to help and assist us in overcoming all issues.
Deputy Director, Fujitsu
I would like to thank you ACinfotec for the excellent guidance. Their consultants not only help us achieved ISO 27001 within 6 months, but also provided recommendations in other areas that we can improve.
Head of Technology, True Internet Data Center


หากองค์กรของท่านสนใจดำเนินการด้าน IT Service Management หรือ Implement ISO 20000

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